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    Texas Holdem Poker Cheating Software To Read Barcodes Marked Cards

    Texas Holdem Poker Cheating Software To Read Barcodes Marked Cards

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    Texas Holdem Poker Cheating Software To Read Barcodes Marked Cards

    There is an other way to cheat at Texas Holdem?poker game except analyzer or contact lenses or spy camera. That is cheating software. From this software, you can read every player's hand and flop, river, and turn cards. Meanwhile, there is a result to show each player's winner rank on the right side.


    • 1 - Operation: Single & Simple
      2 - Recognition Rate: High
      3 - Language: English
      4 - Games: Texas , Omaha , Flush And So On
      5 - Support: Computer , Android And Iphone Mobiles
      6 - Application Area: Poker Cheat

    Devices used for the Texas Holdem software:

    The Texas Holdem software need work with the barcode marked cards and a camera lens. Usually, the camera can be fixed in our routine items like a car key, a lighter, a cell phone, a poker table or a TV so that it will read the marked cards with good concealment. And the signal can not be received and used by analyzer although others bring analyzer. This is a very useful and safe cheating tool in the gambling. Of course, the bar codes on sides of cards are unreadable from our naked eyes.

    How to use the Texas Holdem poker software:

    The Texas Holdem cheating software is powerful to read the marked cards and help you know the Texas results in many forms such as the biggest winner hand, the second winner hand, each player’s poker ranking, flop, turn or river. From the software, it looks like you are in real casino and you can see the number by each card. From the computer, you can read the result, and by a certain device you can tell the result to the players. When you use this device for your gambling. There is necessary to add a camera lens and barcode marked cards to work with it. The camera will read the barcode marked cards and then send the information of cards to a computer on backstage. The computer with Texas Holdem cheating software can analyze the result you need without any mistake. With this powerful cheating software for your Texas poker game, you will gain more chances to win.

    Some questions about this software:

    1 What kinds of Operational Environment it will support? WinXP, Win2003, Vista, Win7 and Win8
    2 Should I shut off PC anti virus software before I set up poker analysis software? Yes
    3 How to protect this private software?
    We will supply a special?key USB, other people can not open your software without key USB device. 4 How quick can I see the results? Within one second you will have all the numbers of 52 cards.
    5 What kinds of poker scanner do you have?
    We have music box scanner,?mobile phone scanner, car key scanner, lighter scanner and many other scanners.

    For your information:

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