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    Professional Techniques On Making Marked Decks With A Marker Pen

    Professional Techniques On Making Marked Decks With A Marker Pen

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    Professional Techniques On Making Marked Decks With A Marker Pen

    A marked deck is a regular deck that has been marked on the back in a way that reveals the value on the cards face. So when a card is selected for example the 9 of clubs, you can look at the back of that card and see that the value is the nine of clubs. It is a very time consuming way of marking the deck but I promise you that if you look after the deck properly you will get many years of use out of the deck.

    What you will need?

    What you will need is a red backed deck of regualr playing cards and a red marker pen (If you use a blue backed deck then use a blue pen). Try to use a marker pen with a fine tip which will make marking the cards a lot easier.

    What you should do?

    Put the cards in order. King To Ace of Diamonds, King to Ace of Clubs, King To Ace of Hearts and King To Ace of Spades.
    Now you will see on the back of the card there is a petal formation where you can mark the value in way you will understand of the card and also to the side is a group of five triangles which you will use our of them to mark the suit of the card.
    You fill in the white on the back of the card to mark the value and suit you have on the face of the card.
    If you look at the diagram above to can see this marking system very clearly and hopefully this will help you in marking your deck. As your deck is in order you can do this stage suit by suit.
    Remember to mark both ends of the cards to match the value, that way it will be easier to see what the value of the cards are.

    A massive shuffle and cut:

    Once you have marked all the cards, give them a massive shuffle and cut them to a random place. Pick up the card and look at the back and guess the value from the markings. Hopefully after a few attempts you will get it in one!!

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