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    Marked Royal Plastic Playing Cards For Club Poker Game Cheating

    Marked Royal Plastic Playing Cards For Club Poker Game Cheating

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    Marked Royal Plastic Playing Cards For Club Poker Game Cheating

    Royal cards feature several different stylish back designs with geometric patterns. They are made of 100% plastic, washable, durable and extremely playable without sacrificing their durability, resilience and sharpness. They are excellent for poker players who often play poker games and want a deck of great, flexible plastic cards that doesn't show the wear and tear of most cards. Royal marked cards were finely processed by high-quality Royal playing cards with poker printer and invisible ink. There is no chromatic aberration between the former and the latter after our mechanical processing. Besides, the Royal marked cards are not sticky to one another, giving you the original hand feel. Our company produces two types of Royal marked cards: Royal back marked cards ( the marks, indicating the suits and numbers, can be printed in the middle or on the white board of the card back ) and Royal side marked cards ( the marks, indicating the bar-codes, are printed along the edge of the cards ). And we can also make the marks according to your reasonable requirement. Compared with many of our counterparts who need a few days to make marked cards, we just need a couple of hours to do that. Royal marked cards can work with many different cheating devices in poker cheat:


    • 1 - Material: Plastic
      2 - Quality: Washable And Durable
      3 - Index: Jumbo Index / Regular Index
      4 - Color: Red / Blue
      5 - Size: Poker Size / Bridge Size
      6 - Application Area: Poker Cheat

    Take contact lenses for Instance:

    Royal back marked cards, processed with luminous ink and other light ink of different wavelengths, can work with contact lenses in poker cheat. There are three kinds of such marked cards and each can only be read by its corresponding one-to-one contact lenses. The luminous ink marked cards have been on the market for years and have a reputation for making a good team with the luminous contact lenses. Their popularity has robbed them of their secrecy, which has contributed to the invention of the two other kinds of back marked cards. Their existence is still unknown to many people, which can give you bigger chances to cheat at poker games without being found out by other players. These contact lenses are comfortable to wear and harmless to your eyes. There is no need for you to worry that they may change the color of your eyes, thus arousing suspicion of other players because contact lenses of different colors are available for your choice, such as black-eye contact lenses, gray-eye contact lenses, blue-eye contact lenses and green-eye contact lenses. Whatever your eye color is, there will be suitable contact lenses for you. In addition, the degree and center diameter ( ranging from 4mm to 12mm ) of these lenses can be customized according to your requirement.

    Take Spy Camera Lenses for Instance:

    Royal back marked cards, processed with infrared invisible ink, laser invisible ink and light-less invisible ink, can work with spy camera lenses in poker cheat. Unlike the infrared ink marked cards, which can be read by infrared spy camera lens, laser spy camera lens ( both generation 2 and 5 ) and light-less spy camera lens, the light-less ink marked cards are recognizable only to their corresponding spy camera lens, the light-less one. Royal back marked cards made with invisible ink of the 2nd generation laser can be read by laser spy camera lens of both generation 2 and 5, but only the 5th generation laser spy camera laser is capable of identifying its corresponding fluorescent marks. These spy camera lenses look the same as common ones with their magic part completely concealable. They send signals using WIFI and present those marks on TV or cellphone screen. The clarity of those marks shown on the screen can be effected by the level of definition of these spy camera lenses. So if you have requirement for their definition, there are three different levels of definition for your choice: 360P, 720P, 1080P. The higher the level is, the better the visual experience is!

    Take Poker Analyzers for Instance:

    Royal marked cards, processed with IR ink, UV ink and laser ink, can work with poker analyzers in poker cheat. There are five kinds of such side marked cards and each can only be read by its corresponding one-to-one poker analyzers. These poker analyzers can let you know who will be the biggest winner, the ranks of all players, the best and second best poker hand or other game results before dealing cards. They are equipped with a camera inside which is capable of scanning the bar-codes of the marked cards at a quick speed ( within 0.1s ) and then transmitting poker games results without any mistake to a wireless earpiece. This earpiece fully hidden inside the ear can enable nobody else but you to hear the results clearly, thus letting you know the result of each poker game in advance.

    What’s More:

    Royal marked cards can also work with some other cheating devices in poker cheat. such as IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, automatic cheating shufflers, cheating poker shoes and so on, all of which are available from our company.

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