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    Hi-tech Pin Hole Camera With Monitoring System For Blackjack

    Hi-tech Pin Hole Camera With Monitoring System For Blackjack

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    Hi-tech Pin Hole Camera With Monitoring System For Blackjack

    With the gradual progress of science and technology, more and more technological items are upgraded at a faster speed than we can expect. There is no exception for poker cheating devices. Compared with traditional pinhole camera lens, modern pinhole camera has more useful and interesting functions by equipping with a powerful monitoring system inside. Then, let me tell you how to use this new kind of monitoring system pinhole camera for back marked cards.


    • 1 - Color: White
      2 - Operating Time: Uninterrupted Power Supply
      3 - Operating Method: Wireless Remote Control To Turn On And Turn Off
      4 - Shape: Round
      5 - Volt: 220V
      6 - Application Area: Poker Cheat

    Different camera lenses:

    If you are a casino owner, I guess you must be very interested in how to use monitoring system pinhole camera lens and getting more profits in return. When you play marked cards in the casino, you can fix a pin hole camera lens in the room. With using the pin hole camera lens, you can see the marks on the back of the cards clearly from a monitor such as TV, cell phone or computer. The spy pin hole camera lens are available to be hided into smoke sensor, light case, ceiling and many other things. And by far there are four kinds of pin hole camera lens on sale. The first one is infrared pin hole camera lens. It is the earliest camera lens for gamble cheating. The back marked cards for this kind of lens can be seen by contact lenses, which made the second lens come out. The second kind of lens is black filter camera lens. Its merit is that the back marked cards for it can not be seen by contact lenses. Afterwards, the white filter camera lens came out soon. Its backed marked cards can not be seen by infrared pin hole cam and the black filter camera. But that’s not enough. There’s another high grade camera. It’s the latest pin hole camera, the marked cards for it can not be seen by any devices. We also call it one to one camera. The wavelength of the ink for the cards is as same as the wavelength of the camera filter.

    Merit of the pin hole camera with monitoring system:

    Once the cards have been dealt, the camera can scan the cards and you can know the cards point and suits from the background monitor soon. This whole system can help you win money without any pressure.


    This kind of pinhole camera system together with back marked cards can helps you to cheat at Texas Omaha poker game, Omaha Hi-Low, Blackjack, Baccarat, Low ball, Show hand, and many local and special poker games.

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