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    Cell Phone Poker Cheating Software For Unmarked Playing Cards

    Cell Phone Poker Cheating Software For Unmarked Playing Cards

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    Cell Phone Poker Cheating Software For Unmarked Playing Cards

    The poker software can be installed in cell phones or computer for cards playing cheat. With the advancement of technology, we have developed this powerful poker software to read the unmarked playing cards.


    • 1 - Operation: Single & Simple
      2 - Recognition Rate: High
      3 - Language: English
      4 - Games: Texas , Omaha , Flush And So On
      5 - Support: Computer , Android And Iphone Mobiles
      6 - Application Area: Poker Cheat

    Phone poker software with shirt button camera:

    This is a newest technology poker cheating device software. It has an advanced button camera that you can put on your shirt on the chest, so you can shuffle the playing cards and the cards can be scanned by this button camera clearly. The cell phone with poker software can analyze the unmarked playing cards, that is, non-marked playing cards. After the button camera reads the faces of playing cards, the phone poker software will analyze the playing cards and tell you who is winner or report the suit and point of each card one by one by the mini earpiece.

    Intended for non marked playing cards:

    This poker software is more secret than other products, and you don’t need to use any kind of marked playing cards like barcode marked cards to work with it. Any kind of common playing cards without invisible ink mark can be applied to this device so that in the casino or poker clubs, people can not find any difference and suspect you how to cheat in the poker games to win a lot of money.


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    Poker cheat in cards game
    Gamble cheat in all poker games
    Casino Games
    Poker match
    Private cards game
    Club cards games
    Magic show of marked playing cards

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